Books by Susan Bowden

Bitter Harvest

I can sum up the theme of Bitter Harvest pretty easily: "Greed is bad and will not go unpunished." It's a good moral, but in this case, it's not delivered with much subtlety or style. Michelle Tyler is living a quiet and happy existence when the book begins. She has her own business and a lovin ...

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is an intriguing contemporary suspense novel with gothic overtones, reminiscent of Mary Stewart's books such as The Moon Spinners and My Brother Michael. Although the plot is somewhat predictable, multi-dimensional characters and a subtle building of tension sustain the reader's intere ...


Susan Bowden's Homecoming is a contemporary tale of Tessa Hargrave's coming home to the English countryside after spending her adult life estranged from her family. She's nearly forty and her beloved Uncle Stephen is dying and wants to see her again. Though it will mean facing her aunt and cousin tw ...