Books by Susan Crandall

Sleep No More

I enjoy a good mystery, and I like it when the author does not spoonfeed everything to her readers. However, there is a difference between being kept on one's toes and being left hanging. In Sleep No More, Susan Crandall does plenty of the former, but she did leave me with more unanswered question ...

Seeing Red

When it comes to romantic suspense, I like to be surprised – but not so surprised that I feel stupid for missing something, or thinking that a particular revelation doesn’t make sense with the story. The ending of Susan Crandall’s Seeing Red certainly wasn’t what I was expecting, and I like ...

Pitch Black

I love a good romantic suspense novel, and I love novels set in small towns. Add some excellent characters, and a plot that keeps you guessing and you have Pitch Black, among the best romantic suspense novels I’ve read this year. Madison Wade is a journalist who has lived and wo ...