Books by Susan Wilson

The Fortune Teller's Daughter

Man, oh, man, this book gets off to one s-l-o-w start, but once things get moving The Fortune Teller's Daughter is enjoyable fiction with an extremely strong romantic component, a hint of paranormal elements, and an appealing New England setting. Tired of years of moving from town to town with h ...

Cameo Lake

Many romance readers are not going to like Cameo Lake simply because they will not allow adultery in their romance novels. But if you're a reader who, like me, is not bothered by a plot featuring adultery, this story of a quietly sweet relationship may please you somewhat. Novelist Cleo McCarthy ...

Hawke's Cove

Susan Wilson writes in a quiet, unassuming manner that is evocative nonetheless. In Hawke's Cove, she tells of a relationship between a man and a woman that lasts from World War II until very nearly the end of the 20th century. This author brings to life some small-town folk who, though rather ordin ...