Books by Suzanne MacPherson

She Woke Up Married

Judging by the wonderful cover and the blurb on the back of the book, I expected She Woke Up Married to be a fast, funny romantic comedy. While it had its humorous moments, they were pretty few and far apart. Instead, the book focused on the heroine, who was a selfish, spoiled prima donna for abo ...

Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town is a very uneven read. At times it's hip and funny, and at times it really misses the target. This is equally true of the humor, the writing style, and the characters, all of which work some of the time. Kelly Atwood decided to marry Raymond because he seemed like a ni ...

Risky Business

The back cover of my advance reading copy of Risky Business, Suzanne MacPherson's debut novel, informs me that she is "destined to become a star." In my opinion, MacPherson isn't ready for stardom just yet, but she certainly has a lot of potential. Her writing style is charming and humorous. It's un ...