Books by Syrie James


While I tend to gravitate to some subgenres more than others, I read across quite a few romance subgenres, and cross over into other genres of fiction as well.  I'd gotten a copy of Forbidden by Syrie James and Ryan M. James at RWA, so that 2012 release became my read for the month. I started off i ...

Summer of Scandal

Syrie James’ Dare to Defy series continues with its second volume, Summer of Scandal. American Madeline Atherton is determined to marry for love, not money.  A college graduate, she dreams of writing novels, but instead, her shipping magnate father has endowed her with a million dollar dowry a ...

The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen

I have found the growing trend of literary spin-offs to be a mixed bag; some are kind of fun, and others just seem like creatively bankrupt attempts to cash in. The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen is a book within a book, featuring a modern heroine who finds a previously undiscovered Austen book. ...