Books by Tess Farraday

Blue Rain

Blue Rain, from Jove's "Magical Love" series, actually seems like two books, swirled together like a Dairy Queen Twistee. One of the books is pretty good. The other one is stupid. Kasey Wildmoon is an L.A. reporter sent to Nevada to investigate the shootings of more than o ...

Snow in Summer

Snow In Summer is a ghostly paranormal tale that starts out with many things going for it - an unusual premise, a hunky ghost of a hero, and a heroine with some haunting secrets - but the writing style left me in such a state of utter confusion that attempting to finish it turned into an exercise i ...

Sea Spell

I wanted very badly for Sea Spell to cast a spell over me because I love selkie stories, romance or otherwise. And while the story of this selkie and his lady love was sweet music to my ears, there were so many other instruments blaring that the resultant cacaphony was deafening. By the time all t ...