Books by Tracy MacNish

Stealing Midnight

Stealing Midnight is a lush romance with a very gothic atmosphere. The hero is wounded and devastatingly handsome, the heroine is beautiful and resourceful and the villainess hides an evil disposition behind the face of an angel. Like all of Tracy Macnish's books, this is old school romance - the ki ...

Veiled Passions

Fans of old school romance a la Kathleen Woodiwiss will take Veiled Passions to their hearts. Unlike Woodiwisses’s tomes though, this book is not overwritten although it is lush. It features larger than life characters and one of the most romantic, wounded heroes I have ever encountered. If only t ...

Veiled Promises

Readers who pine for the old days of sweeping romances with larger than life characters who undergo tortures galore before the final happily ever after will love Veiled Promises, Tracy MacNish's debut. This is neo old-school romance done well. Camille Bradburn is the only daughter of ...