Books by Vanessa North

Hard Chrome

I've read a few of Vanessa North's romances before, my favorite being The Lonely Drop, an LGBTQ friends-to-lovers novella written for a photo prompt in a Goodreads readers' group. It put the author on my radar, and this latest story solidifies that spot. Hard Chrome is the first in her small town Am ...

Summer Stock

Vanessa North’s Summer Stock is a heart-warming late spring /summer read. I must admit I had to look up the meaning of the title but it seems to be what in the UK we call a ‘Summer Season’, where a theatre puts together a company of actors to mount a couple of plays over the summer. And as hap ...

Roller Girl

I can’t believe I read this 150-pages-long book in one day. I never do that. So Roller Girl is definitely a page turner! Tina and Joe are both two very likeable and relatable characters. They meet because Tina’s washing machine floods her kitchen and Joe is the plumber who comes to the rescue. ...