Books by Vi Keeland

Sex, Not Love

I feel a mix of both elation and dread when there is a new Vi Keeland book out. Elation, because I love Vi Keeland and can’t wait to start reading. Dread, because I love Vi Keeland and don’t want to start reading because I know that when I do, I’ll be that much closer to the end – and I don ...

Beautiful Mistake

Let’s cut to the chase: Vi Keeland’s Beautiful Mistake is drop-dead sexy, breathtakingly romantic, intricately layered, jaw-droppingly unpredictable, and deliciously satisfying. It stands out in the vast and overwhelming sea of contemporary romance and will, undoubtedly, be on my Best of 2017 li ...

Stuck-Up Suit

I have a friend who likes to go on and on about meet-cutes. Whenever we travel together, she likes to make up different scenarios involving us having our own meet-cutes: A stranger at the airport, the guard at the museum; there are infinite ways to meet people when you travel. Now that I’ve lived ...