Books by Vivienne Lorret

Ten Kisses to Scandal

Bird poop, clumsiness and terrible matchmaking are all a part of the rather silly Ten Kisses to Scandal, Vivienne Lorret’s latest addition to her Misadventures in Matchmaking series.  Let’s just say all of the poop sets a precedent for rest of the book. Briar Bourne – of the Bourne Matrimo ...

When a Marquess Loves a Woman

If something is satisfactory but not especially good, it is okay. This is true of Vivienne Lorret's third book in her Season's Original series, When a Marquess Loves a Woman. It’s well written and pleasant, but the story is neither original nor memorable and can best be described as bland. W ...

Daring Miss Danvers

I always approach a book by a new author with a bit of trepidation, wondering whether they are going to possess that extra special something that’s going to make me sit up and think that yes, here’s a new writer with a strong voice and something slightly different to say. Or a different way of ...