Books by Wendy Holden

The School for Husbands

Back when Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus was published, my parents picked up a copy from the library and set about integrating its wisdom into our daily lives. Of course, with three daughters, Mars was somewhat outnumbered. While most of the book has faded from memory, some parts have stuck ...

The Wives of Bath

The Wives of Bath has the pure silliness and lightness of Chick Lit, but with grown up emotions and more intense problems, this "Mommy Lit" novel is a bit of a deeper read. To say that Amanda and Alice dislike each other would be an understatement. Conceited and materialistic, Amanda blames p ...

Bad Heir Day

Wendy Holden's comedy Bad Heir Day is a frothy romp guaranteed to keep a smile on your face and a chuckle never far away. My idea of a near perfect day on the beach would likely contain lots of sunshine and a book like this. For absolute perfection, I’d also need an ice cream and a better-develope ...