Books by Wendy Roberts

A Grave Peril

A Grave Peril is the third book in Wendy Roberts’  Bodies of Evidence series featuring Julie Hall, a young woman with the unusual ability to locate dead bodies using a set of dowsing rods.  I’ve been meaning to dip into this series ever since I read Lynn’s review of the first book, A Grave C ...

A Grave Calling

Online Romancelandia has more than once observed the proliferation of painfully good, sweet heroines who could not possibly offend even the most delicate of sensibilities. If you are in the camp that has bemoaned this development, Julie Hall of A Grave Calling will definitely stand out for you. I c ...

Dating Can Be Deadly

A Chick Lit mystery could borrow from the best of both worlds and really have something going. Sharp wit, off-the-wall adventures, and a tight mystery - what's not to like? Sadly, this type of hybrid could also go awry and saddle the reader with a TSTL heroine and so much zaniness that by the ...