Books by Yvonne Jocks

Explaining Herself

I know it's a bad sign when I start looking for reasons to put a book down - and then have to convince myself that yes, I really do need to pick it back up. That was pretty much the case with Explaining Herself, although it did become a little more compelling toward the end. Ross La ...

Proving Herself

Every once in a while the tried and true is set slightly askew to great effect. Carla Kelly is famed for her ability to take oft-used regency characters/settings and make them fresh and thought provoking. She's able to make you think of the people and the times they lived in a different light. Yvonn ...

Forgetting Herself

The premise of this book sounds a little silly: the main conflict between the hero and heroine is that he's a sheep farmer and she's a cattle rancher's daughter. Yet, it brought back memories of 4th grade state history class when we learned about range wars between cattlemen and sheep farmers in Wyo ...