Over the summer, I fell in love with Fox’s Bones.  And ever since, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the premier of season five — which aired last night.

I was one of those few people who actually enjoyed the season four finale.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for romance, but I LOVED seeing Booth and Brennan together like that.  So I, like all other fans, went into Season Five with the burning question:  will they or won’t they?

I, for one, think the writers should just go for it.  Hook them up.  See what happens.  So I was happy when they started making a few (albeit small) steps in that direction in the season opener.  The much anticipated “I love you” scene was a bit anti-climactic, though– I think Caroline (as much as I love her) interrupted a bit too soon.  That said, after Booth saves Brennan from the doctor– so sweet.  I heard in the original script for that scene there was supposed to be a kiss, but I’m holding Emily Deschanel to her promise that there will be much more kissing this season.  I guess I can wait.  I’m just glad that their chemistry is still as strong as ever.

If you watch Bones, what did you think about the season opener? Any predictions for this upcoming year? And what did you think about Cyndi Lauper’s character?

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