EricaA new TV show has started to be aired here recently: Being Erica. So far, there have only been two episodes, but I liked those very much and have entered the show on my to-be-watched-regularly list for the time being.

The show is about a woman in her early thirties who feels her life is an endless list of missed opportunities. At the end of a truly dreadful day, she lands in hospital, where she meets a mysterious man named Dr. Tom who calls himself a therapist. She agrees to therapy with him and hands him a list of those moments in her life in which she feels she messed up. To her huge surprise, he doesn’t talk to her about the past, he sends her right back to it. So Erica finds herself a sixteen-year-old, or a twenty-one-year old, with the knowledge and attitudes on her adult self. When she returns to the present day, so far nothing big has changed, but little details (or her own attitude about them) have.

Although the show’s message is rather simple – Live with who you are! Don’t blame the past! -, it’s very enjoyable to watch. For one thing, it’s set in present-day Canada. Love it! It’s very humorous, with both the scenes in the past and the scenes in the present with Erica’s wacky family contributing to it. I also like the actress who plays Erica, Elin Karpluk, who is not-quite-the-usual-type-on-TV, and delightfully funny and moving.

Have you watched Being Erica? What’s your opinion of it?

– Rike Horstmann

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