I’ll admit it; I tend to shy away from new authors. Give me a choice between a comfort read and an unknown quantity and I’ll almost always choose the comfort read. This is particularly stupid when I look at the outstanding authors who have won in the Best Debut Romance Author category in recent years.

  • 2014 Sonali Dev
  • 2013 Emma Chase
  • 2012 Cecilia Grant
  • 2011 Jessica Scott
  • 2010 Rose Lerner
  • 2009 Tessa Dare
  • 2008 Sherry Thomas
  • 2007 Anna Campbell
  • 2006 Elizabeth Hoyt
  • 2005 Lisa Valdez

The best debut author category has frequently been a problem category for readers. By debut, we mean the author has not been published under any name or any genre prior to 2015. Each year we get a flurry of votes for authors who developed a new pen name in a given year. We also get votes for authors who switched romance genres. Sadly, we have to reject those votes.

So who are the genuine debut romance authors that have stood out in our minds for 2015? With the help of fellow AAR staff members I’ve come up with the following list:

I’m sure there are many additional wonderful romance authors who made their debut in 2015. Do you have any to suggest that are must reads? And who are you planning to vote for in this category?



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