There are very few television shows that I watch while they’re new.  The Office is pretty much the only one.  This is mostly because I’ve had terrible luck with television shows; I’d say five of the last seven shows I’ve watched with any regularity were canceled mid-season or on a cliff-hanger.  Instead, I’ve taken to watching re-runs.  First it was Friends, then CSI.  After that came Sex and the City.  And now, it’s Bones.

I came home from work about a week ago to find my roommate on the couch, engrossed in Bones.  She had never seen it before, and neither had I, but we quickly discovered that it’s on every day from 6-8 on TNT — perfect timing for post-work relaxation and dinner.   The crimes and anthropological aspects of the plot are interesting, but all I really care about is the sexual tension between Booth and Bones. 

I have no idea where I am in the overall run of the series, and I’m not even completely sure the episodes are running in order (though they seem to be, at least to a certain extent), so I don’t know if they actually get together anytime in the near future or not.  I thought about looking it up, but then I decided not to.  I’ll just wait until they finally figure out how much they want eachother and, ahem, jump each other’s bones.

There are certain similarities between Bones and my last crime-glom, CSI.  However, I feel far more connected to Bones’ and Booth’s and Cam’s and Angela’s and Jack’s and Zack’s stories than I did about any of the CSI: Las Vegas characters.  As character-driven as CSI is, I was never as concerned about Grissom and Sara’s love life as I am about Bones and Booth’s.

Part of it is the actors.  I really love David Boreanaz (of Buffy and Angel fame, though I’ve never seen either of those shows), and he’s the perfect compliment to Emily Deschanel (older sister of Zooey, which makes so much sense when you look at their faces).  They have really fantastic chemistry together, and their opposing personalities just makes me squirm– in a really good way.

I’m sure that none of this is new to any of you who enjoy the show — after all, it’s been running for what, three or four seasons now?  I don’t even know if it’s still on the air.  But I’m not all that concerned.  I’m just going with it.  I very much see Bones as being my summer fling of sorts.  Will I watch it this fall?  Probably not, seeing as I’ll be out of the country.  But I’m having a really good time with it for now.

-Jane AAR

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