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Big Dreams

I dream.  A lot.  And vividly.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember what’s a dream and what’s real — I’ll have a vague memory of some incident, or something that someone said, that looking back could very easily be a dream I had, or something that actually happened.  It’s sort of confusing.

I don’t put a whole lot of stock in the dream analysis I find on the internet.  Things like, “Dreaming of a child means something happy,” are vague and unhelpful.  Also, I don’t know what other people’s dreams are like, but mine are complicated.  In-depth plot-lines, multiple characters, and several set changes.  Assigning non-specific symbolism to everything is exhausting and, well, non-specific.  Nor do I find dreams particularly prophetic.  That said, call me crazy, but I swear things have happened to me that I remember distinctly in a dream– and even remember what I was thinking when I had those dreams.

My dreams do, though, have an interesting psychological component to them that’s fairly easy to decode.  I’m not a particularly angry or confrontational person, but I’ve had multiple dreams in which I’ve been utterly, totally, completely enraged.  Clearly a sign of pent-up aggression that I should maybe look into.

What do you think of dream interpretation?  Do you remember your dreams?  Any particularly interesting stories you’d like to share?

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