End of Days
Grade : A+

This was my most anticipated book of 2015 and I am so pleased to say that it lived up to my excitement. Ee created a wonderful and terrifying angel apocalypse and then used it to show how humanity – both the good and bad of it- continue on after a catastrophe.

Since neither of the previous two books, Angelfall and World After, have been featured on AAR, I want this review to serve for all of them. So, let me get my piece of fan-girl excitement out of the way. I adore these books. They may be the best YA I have ever read, and fall in my top favorite books of all time. The angel mythos is both biblical and totally of Ee’s creation. Gone is the idea of angels as heavenly beings of peace. Ee’s angels are smart aleck, violent creatures who have lived lives of war and, sometimes, punishment.

In Angelfall, we were introduced to Penryn, a resilient teen who has charged herself with caring for her disabled sister and schizophrenic mother. After angels came to Earth, inciting several disastrous events that have left mankind scrambling to survive, Penryn just wants to keep her mom and Paige safe. However, those plans are destroyed when she witnesses a group of angels cutting off another angel’s wings. To make matters worse, those angels abduct her sister.

She ends of pairing up with the injured angel, Raffe, to get back her sister and his wings. Throughout Angellfall and World After, the duo runs into unbelievable challenges, including demon-like creatures, human gang members, and some horrific moments that would make anyone cringe. Ee does horror so well because she isn’t afraid to let things get dark or gory. Then, she balances these moments with humor. I particularly love Raffe’s dorky sense of humor.

Of course, there is a healthy dose of romance between Penryn and Raffe. What I like about it, though, is that this isn’t your typical YA where the girl is fawning over the handsome immortal. Instead, they bond over their mutual strengths. Penryn holds her own while fighting for their survival.

End of Days brings us the final, explosive showdown between the human resistance and the angels. We also get to see Ee’s take on the pit, a realm similar to hell where fallen angels are punished. I loved the last battle, and how we were able to get to know more about the angels in this book. We realize that there are angel politics going on behind the scenes that have lead to the apocalyptic events of the series. In effect, one of the archangels is using Earth as a staging ground for his bloody political campaign.

The element I found most surprising in the series is Penryn’s mom. She is a paranoid schizophrenic who has always thought she heard demons talking to her. With the biblical style end of the world happening, and real mythical creatures walking through California, not to mention the complete lack of access to any medication for her condition, she sees the events of the books as playing in to what she always feared would happen to her family. Penryn and Paige’s interactions with her are both endearing and heartbreaking. I loved how Ee took the time to consider that, if you come from a dysfunctional family, they are still your family even once it is beyond inconvenient.

I won’t spoil anything of Paige’s story but it basically ripped my heart out, and then redeemed itself somewhat.

I honestly cannot recommend these books enough. All three will keep you at the edge of your seat, turning pages as fast as you can. I love them and I suggest them to anyone who likes fast-paced books, romance, action, and a dab of horror.

Reviewed by Haley Kral

Grade: A+

Book Type: Young Adult

Sensuality: Kisses

Review Date : June 1, 2015

Publication Date: 05/2015

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