Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth is a cross between a thriller and a horror novel. I'm not normally a horror fan, but the synopsis for this caught my eye, and I decided to take a chance on the book. Unfortunately, the story leaned a bit too heavily toward the horror side of things, and I found myself pretty dissatisfied. ...


Stories about reincarnation have both fascinated and terrified me ever since I read The Mirror by Marlys Millhiser in high school. Therefore, it was with equal parts trepidation and excitement that I picked up Cat Winter’s Yesternight, a book about a child psychologist investigating claims of rein ...

End of Days

This was my most anticipated book of 2015 and I am so pleased to say that it lived up to my excitement. Ee created a wonderful and terrifying angel apocalypse and then used it to show how humanity – both the good and bad of it- continue on after a catastrophe. Since neither of the previous two ...