Grade : B+

If you follow webcomics, Sarah Andersen is the creator of Sarah’s Scribbles, a delightfully funny four-panel commentary on her daily life and neuroses. I didn’t realise that she also wrote a paranormal webcomic called Fangs, which is available on the Tapas platform. Those comics, plus a few never-before-released ones, have recently been issued in a hardcover book. The art in this book is great, and I definitely laughed out loud, but at this price and this length it’s a luxury purchase for fans.

Elsie is a vampire, and Jim is a werewolf, and the comics are slice-of-life moments in their relationship. They’re generally quite funny – riffs on vampire and werewolf lore, like Jim accidentally kissing Elsie after eating garlic, but also character-based humor like the two wanting a relaxing night in and watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Early on, Elsie recaps some gruesome kills from before she ate from blood banks, and that was off-putting for me. However, I definitely laughed out loud at many other moments in this comic, especially the ones that play with Jim’s wolf/dog side (the landlord is not pleased about the presence of a pet!).

Fangs is a fun, generally entertaining read, but I’m not exaggerating when I say I read the 112 pages in about ten minutes. Unless you really want to own this for yourself, or if you’re looking for a fun gift, I suggest reading her comics on the web or getting this from a library.

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Grade: B+

Book Type: Graphic Novel

Sensuality: Subtle

Review Date : September 4, 2020

Publication Date: 09/2020

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