Just Not That Into Billionaires
Grade : A

I love this book. I LOVE this book! One last time for the cheap seats: I LOVE THIS BOOK!! Before Annika Martin’s Billionaires in Manhattan series, I gave the billionaire trend little more than a passing glance. But not now. With Just Not That Into Billionaires, Martin has crafted a charming, fun, sexy story that hits every emotion on the spectrum. It’s like the literary version of Ted Lasso, where you find yourself grinning when you’re done, yet never felt the smile develop on your face.

I attribute that entirely to Martin’s engaging storytelling style. Her playful way with words and fully packed sentences are addictive, and her use of first person from the perspective of both Francine and Benny draws the reader in and grabs them by the throat.

The setup is unanticipated. Ballet dancer Francine has finally reached the pinnacle of her career where she’s a principal dancer embarking on a European tour with her company. But her travel papers can’t be brought into order because she’s married. Unknowingly. And has been for around a decade.

As a young dancer in a Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil-style show, Francine worked with Benny, an oddly appealing tech guy who was a total grump and misinterpreted by most of the company because of his perpetual “resting annoyed face.”  But not Francine. She was always drawn to Benny, with her sunshiney-ness and optimism that was, unfortunately, wrapped up in her youthful zest for experience. And on one fateful, drunken night, they got hitched.

But although Francine remembered nothing about it, Benny never forgot. In fact, his marriage to Francine was a steady faded heartbeat in his consciousness, honing him into a sharp businessman and tech guru. Until the day he’s expected for some time arrives and Francine asks for a divorce.

There are a couple of different ways Martin could’ve handled the divorce, from a quickie phone call from an influential billionaire to a judge, to a mean-spirited battle of wills. This story is neither. Instead, it’s a window into the hearts of two people once quietly drawn to one another, who have both grown and developed into people with remarkable accomplishments and dreams achieved. Francine and Benny are highly intelligent, capable people on opposite sides of the same coin. They are equally flawed, equally resilient. They have their own agendas, yet neither are spiteful or cruel. They see each other and honor each other. There are some truly laugh out loud moments, followed by teary, woeful ones. And then another LOL. Martin is an expert at keeping readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation throughout this fun story. It’s happy and lighthearted and unexpected, and the perfect literary break from your day to day.

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Reviewed by Dolly Sickles

Grade: A

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : August 26, 2021

Publication Date: 08/2021

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