Books by Annika Martin

Most Eligible Bastard

Annika Martin has a backlist that spans multiple romance genres. Under the pen name of Carolyn Crane, she's written a taut and exciting romantic suspense series, The Associates, as well as an urban fantasy series The Disillusionists. As Annika, she's gotten to explore a more erotic style, with Taken ...

Enemies Like You

Okay - let’s just keep this real. I don’t really believe the CIA is sending super hot retired, elite Special Forces soldiers to assassinate corrupt, sadistic, crazy rich bad guys or that said bad guys employ cross-dressing assassins to keep them alive.  Or that these deadly assassins are so par ...

Dark Mafia Prince

Have you reached the middle of a book and realized you can’t put it down, but aren’t sure you like it?  If you have, you know how I felt reading Dark Mafia Prince.  I haven’t read many Mafia based romances, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I was thoroughly entertained, and curiou ...