Desert Isle Keeper

Lover Awakened

J.R. Ward

Favorite Romance Audiobook Poll Winner – First place – Favorite Paranormal Romance Audiobook 2011

Narrated by Jim Frangione

Although I’m generally not a fan of vampire romance, I’ve now read (or listened to) Lover Awakened five times (a personal record). Declaring that it is a romance favorite seems to be such an understatement. I was certainly entranced by the romance between the impossibly tough Zsadist and kind hearted Bella and I was more than immersed in Zsadist’s past and personal growth. But I was bowled over by the relationship between Zsadist and his twin Phury. In saying all of that, it should come as no surprise that I was willing to accept a less than stellar audiobook narration just to experience it all over again. However, I was quite hesitant to tackle the audio version after unsuccessfully attempting an earlier Black Dagger Brotherhood entry with the same narrator. The problem? Jim Frangione reads rather than performs and I thought I needed more than a mere reading. I must emphatically state that I was wrong. After all, how do you perform seven male voices distinctly in one scene? In the end, this was an audio hit for me and one I am sure I’ll return to even if I have to hit the fast forward button during those lesser torture scenes. One word of caution however – I remain convinced that listening to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series should be reserved for those who have already read the books. The print version’s glossary of terms is invaluable to understanding this series.

Breakdown of Grade – Narration A- Book Content A

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Reviewer :      Lea Hensley

Grade :     A

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