Vampire Romance

Lover Awakened (#37 on our Top 100 Romances List)

An AAR Top 100 Romance originally published on August 27, 2006 Lover Awakened is the third book in J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Those who have not read the first two books may feel a bit like the new bride at a family reunion, but eventually you'll figure out who's who. A handy gl ...

The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire

Ah, the joys of that first job - you are all fresh-faced and excited, you feel particularly mature in that new pantsuit you just got, and none of the vampires in your new office tried to bite your neck! Wait, is that not like your first job? Yeah, mine neither. It’s a pretty good summary of Gig ...

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)

I have to admit - I love books with kitschy, cliched titles. I’m happy to say that I’ve enjoyed most of the books I’ve read that are like that (you can check out my top 10 list if you don’t believe me), and I was hoping that Kerrelyn Sparks’ latest would join that particular group on my pe ...

Vampire Most Wanted

I would say The Vampire Most Wanted was a good book. As it’s one of the first few books I’ve read by Lynsay Sands, I can’t really say whether or not it measures up to her other works, but I certainly enjoyed it. It wasn’t revolutionary, but it was certainly satisfying. The fir ...

Love Your Entity

Love Your Entity is a tricky book to grade. Most of the time, it walks that fine line between adorable and annoying as readers get to follow the latest round of antics in Chicago's Vamptown. However, since I got more eyerolls than chuckles out of this one, it's not something I'd recommend. ...

Dark Predator

There once was a time when Feehan's vampire series was a sensuous, dark pleasure for me. The Carpathian vampires who lost sight of their souls only to have a new lease on life thanks to their new found mates were quite enjoyable reads. But I have noticed that the series has really taken a very dar ...

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Narrated by Amanda Ronconi Amanda Ronconi is a new narrator for me, just as Molly Harper is a new author. I was very happy with both and found myself laughing out loud throughout this book. Nice Girl’s Don’t Have Fangs is a light, humorous, “Sookie Stackhouse meets Queen Betsy” listen. Sm ...

Blood of the Rose

I need to confess two things: First, vampires in the Tudor court are a hard sell for me and, second, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first book in this series. I don’t have problems with historical romances that contain vampires or other supernatural creatures, but, as a history buff, I ...

The Vampire Voss

I haven’t read Ms. Gleason’s Gardella Chronicles, so I’m not coming into her new Regency Draculia series with high expectations. What I wanted was to see what fuss was about. What I hoped for was a decent take on vampires. Did I get what I want? Well, sorta. But not really. In a ...

Angel at Dawn

The first time I read an Emma Holly novel, I remember being absolutely floored by the graphic sex. It was my first foray into full-scale erotica, and though I'll never be a full convert, sometimes outrageously raunchy and explicit sex suits my mood. Angel at Dawn is, in my opinion, less explicit th ...