Vampire Romance

Lover at Last

After slogging through six hundred pages of nothing much happening except for the cynical additions of several characters and story arcs, I am officially through with the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Lover at Last was supposed to be the highly anticipated culmination of the m/m romance that has been br ...

Lover Reborn

A friend asked me how I can review books and whether or not doing so destroyed my enjoyment of the story. She suggested that concentrating on the ins and outs would take too much away from the story and ruin the reading experience. To me, that is what makes the difference between a good book and a g ...

Dark Predator

There once was a time when Feehan's vampire series was a sensuous, dark pleasure for me. The Carpathian vampires who lost sight of their souls only to have a new lease on life thanks to their new found mates were quite enjoyable reads. But I have noticed that the series has really taken a very dar ...

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Narrated by Amanda Ronconi Amanda Ronconi is a new narrator for me, just as Molly Harper is a new author. I was very happy with both and found myself laughing out loud throughout this book. Nice Girl’s Don’t Have Fangs is a light, humorous, “Sookie Stackhouse meets Queen Betsy” listen. Sm ...

Blood of the Rose

I need to confess two things: First, vampires in the Tudor court are a hard sell for me and, second, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first book in this series. I don’t have problems with historical romances that contain vampires or other supernatural creatures, but, as a history buff, I ...

The Vampire Voss

I haven’t read Ms. Gleason’s Gardella Chronicles, so I’m not coming into her new Regency Draculia series with high expectations. What I wanted was to see what fuss was about. What I hoped for was a decent take on vampires. Did I get what I want? Well, sorta. But not really. In a ...

Lover Unleashed

I've been following the Black Dagger Brotherhood since the beginning. For me they peaked with Lover Awakened; Zsadist and Bella just had that perfect mix of angst and passion that has made me read every scene in which they appear over and over. But while those two (and John Mathew/Xhex) are front ru ...

Angel at Dawn

The first time I read an Emma Holly novel, I remember being absolutely floored by the graphic sex. It was my first foray into full-scale erotica, and though I'll never be a full convert, sometimes outrageously raunchy and explicit sex suits my mood. Angel at Dawn is, in my opinion, less explicit th ...

Jane and the Damned

Curiosity has led to some interesting reads in the past. In this case it was combination of an author I’ve heard to be unique and witty (Janet Mullany), writing about a subject I’m sick to death of (vampires), set in an overdone era (Regency), starring a heroine that made me think “oh good gra ...

Eternal Kiss of Darkness

This is my first Jeaniene Frost novel and it’s one of the hardest to grade that I've come across in some time. Truth is while I enjoyed it for the most part, it took too long for me to actually become invested in the story and two weeks is an awfully long time to spend reading one book. Distracti ...