No More Mr. Nice Guy
Grade : B

Mack Kennedy is a nice guy; a gentle giant of a veterinarian who has been a critical emotional support for his widowed sister Sal. Josie Butler, who rooms with the two, never considered him for the list of post-breakup naughty sex she’d like to have. But when Mack sees her list, it brings out a new side of him which shocks Josie – and turns her on. Since Josie is leaving Brisbane for London soon, maybe she can squeeze in this fling without ruining her friendship with Mack or his sister. As for Mack, can he prove that “nice” doesn’t mean boring?

The plot is pretty standard here – the old ‘It’ll just be a fling’ followed by ‘oh heck I fell in love but clearly they don’t feel the same’ – but it’s a solid execution of this familiar pattern, and the author makes it clear that emotions beyond googly-eyed love are in play. Fifteen years of friendship means that Josie and Mack care about each other. They make each other laugh and they show up to help when the other cries. In between, they have great sex, which is well written. It’s exactly what I want in a hot-level comfort read.

I don’t know where the stereotype came from that good men don’t like naughty sex. You don’t have to be in a biker gang to talk dirty! Men can have full time jobs and enjoy using vibrators on their partners! If you want a quick read that celebrates this, pick up No More Mr. Nice Guy.

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Grade: B

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : July 9, 2021

Publication Date: 09/2014

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