One Night With Her Bachelor
Grade : B

This is part of the Bachelor Auction series  and it’s the story of Molly and Gabriel. Gabriel is a reclusive wounded ex-soldier, living in an isolated cabin in the woods. When he has a hand in rescuing Molly’s injured son Josh, it creates a bond between them, one that goes deeper than the one that has existed between them since childhood. Coerced into being one of the bachelors at the auction to raise money for Josh’s care, Gabriel ends up with the one woman he can’t resist – Molly. But he’s hiding a painful secret and when the truth comes out will it strengthen their bond or push them apart for good?

Kat Latham is an author that I quite enjoy reading, whether she’s tempting us with players on the rugby field in her London Legends series, or spiriting us away to small town Montana like this story here.  She has created a very empathetic hero in Gabriel, who is wounded (in body and spirit) and hides himself away from the rest of the world, preferring to nurse his wounds in silence. But Molly gets to him – her courage, her laughter, her smile and he can’t help but realize that continuing to hide is not what he wants for his future. Molly is a strong female character, a single mom trying to do the best for her son. She is embarrassed that she can’t do it all on her own and needs financial assistance, but is learning that asking for help and receiving it is okay. And when Gabriel looks at her, she knows he sees the real woman inside. The sexual attraction between them sizzles and leads to some emotional and steamy love scenes. There is a lovely happy ending for the couple and you’ll be left smiling when you finish this story.


Reviewed by Maria Rose

Grade: B

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : June 19, 2016

Publication Date: 03/2015

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