Books by Kat Latham

Three Nights Before Christmas

This is a standalone novella in the Montana Born Christmas series. Lacey and Austin have a pretty unpleasant history. He was the arresting officer in a case that Lacey was inadvertently involved in due to her relationship with the leader of the drug ring. Imprisoned for three years, she’s finally ...

One Night With Her Bachelor

This is part of the Bachelor Auction series  and it’s the story of Molly and Gabriel. Gabriel is a reclusive wounded ex-soldier, living in an isolated cabin in the woods. When he has a hand in rescuing Molly’s injured son Josh, it creates a bond between them, one that goes deeper than the one ...

Playing It Close

My only experience with the sport of rugby before this book had been watching the excellent 2009 movie Invictus about the South African rugby team’s pursuit of the 1995 Rugby World Cup. It definitely left the impression that rugby players are exactly the kind of men that could star in a romance no ...