One to Watch
Grade : A+

The pitch for this book was enough to make me one-click it immediately: a plus-sized fashionista becomes the next contestant on a fictional Bachelorette franchise. Done. I’m in. Thanks for playing, I’ll be reading this in one sitting.

And boy, did I. It’s frothy and fun and one hundred and forty-five percent the perfect book for a Saturday afternoon during These Times in which finding something to completely absorb my attention is a challenge. The plot, by the way, follows the premise - Bea Schumacher is a fashion influencer who also happens to be a witty writer and a plus-sized lady. When she takes her favorite show, Main Squeeze, to task on her blog for the lack of diversity in casting, the show’s new producer calls her bluff and casts her as the lead.

She agrees so she can help inspire other women and make little girls see that women who look like her deserve love and can be a princess and all the other tropes the show trips through on its way to a staged engagement. The show agrees to protect her, but--you knew this was coming--she and we learn quickly that they think having her first date be in a bathing suit on national television is safe and fun.

It’s painful a few times - some of the men they cast are jagwagons - but in a real way that affirmed the book was taking Bea and this plot seriously. We get gossip blogs, text message conversations, and other elements that make the book feel grounded in 2020 and yet delightfully fanciful. I’m approximately the same body size as Bea describes herself and I found so much of her internal commentary accurate to the point where I thought someone had been stealing my diary.

I inhaled this book and if any part of my review has piqued your interest, I think you will, too.

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Reviewed by Kristen Donnelly
Grade : A+

Sensuality: Kisses

Review Date : August 1, 2020

Publication Date: 07/2020

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  1. The premise really intrigued me – the exploration of how a relationship could develop and work between a sex worker/porn…

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