Playing by Her Rules
Grade : A

Y’all, I love me some Amy Andrews books. I especially love her books that involve rugby. This one, the first in her Sydney Smoke series, is about Matilda and Tanner. Once high school sweethearts, the two suffered a traumatic break up when it was time for Matilda to head off to college. Now both back in Australia, Matilda’s been assigned to do a profile on Tanner for her magazine. She’d basically rather perform her own appendectomy with a rusty swiss army knife, but duty calls.

Tanner is a rising star on the Smoke and is a bit of a lad about town. The order to participate in the feature comes from the club’s ownership, and he begrudgingly agrees until he realizes Matilda is the writer. He shattered her heart so many years ago, but has never gotten over her. Now, poised with the chance to win her back, he is pulling out all the stops.

Sassy, sexy, emotional; this book is fantastic. It’s also short, clocking in under 200 pages, so it’s the perfect immersive read for travel or a rainy day. Also, by the way, when I say sexy I mean it. Ms. Andrews writes the hell out of a sex scene, so be prepared. While rugby does play a big part in the story, but I don’t think it would be alienating to anyone who doesn’t know the rules.

Overall, highly recommended. Highly.

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Reviewed by Kristen Donnelly

Grade: A

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : March 31, 2017

Publication Date: 07/2016

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