The Best Man Plan
Grade : B

Jason loves Erin and has for a while. There are a few kinks in a happily ever after, though, when we meet the couple. First, Erin has no idea. Two, she’s engaged to his best friend. Barrier number two is obliterated when Erin gets a text three days before her wedding telling her that her fiancé is calling the whole thing off with no other explanation - he basically ghosts his whole family as well.

As Erin starts to build a different life for herself, she relies more and more on Jason - who is also the local veterinarian and the hottest guy she knows. Thus, when she decides to have a fling and get the ex out of her system, Jason is the prime candidate. It’ll just be sex, she tells us and herself.

Famous last words.

This book is charming and warm and I adored both Jason and Erin. The reveal of the ex’s reasoning and that bit of the story dragged too much for my personal tastes, which is why this isn’t a DIK, but overall it has the wit and heat of a work by Ms. Burton and I recommend it for a solid contemporary romance escape.

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Reviewed by Kristen Donnelly
Grade : B

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : August 8, 2020

Publication Date: 07/2020

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