The Other Side of Disappearing
Grade : A

Kate Clayborn has done it again. In The Other Side of Disappearing, two sisters face down their mother’s reckless legacy to forge a future together – and find love outside of their bond. As always, Clayborne writes great, heart-tugging romance, with a solid side of family feelings.

Jess Greene has dedicated herself to a quiet, simple life – with good reason. Her mother, Charlotte, disappeared with an infamous con man named Lynton Baltimore – whom she introduced to her daughters by his assumed alias, Miles Daniels – ten years ago, leaving Jess to raise her half-sister Teagan between hairdressing appointments.

Behind Jess’ back, a barely-eighteen Teagan contacts Salem Durant – hostess of the The Last Con of Lynton Baltimore podcast, who has a past with the man all her own. Salem has been recounting all of Lynton’s crimes before disappearing into the ether alongside co-host Adam ‘The Hawk’ Hawkins. Having listened to the podcast, Tegan says she realizes she knows Salem and Adam know where Charlotte is. The plan? Teagan wants to team up with them to find their mom.

Jess can’t let Teagan leap into this alone, and thus volunteers to go with her. The foursome embark on a road trip, which provides a growing lesson for Teagan, and a lesson in letting go – and finding joy for herself – for Jess, who begins find romance with Adam. But where is Charlotte?

The Other Side of Disappearing takes its time answering that question, all the while building a compelling mystery around Lynton and Charlotte’s disappearance. But along the way we come to love Tegan, Jess, Adam and Salem. We want Jess to get a life outside of dutiful dawdling on the straight and narrow, Teagan to grow up safely, and Salem to move beyond her dogged pursuit of Lynton - and for Adam to find a world outside of the investigation. This is a mystery, a road trip, and a story about healing. In every aspect it exells.

The romance is great, too – even the fourth act break-up makes sense for who Jess is as a character. And it packs Claybourn’s usual sassy, spirited punch as well.

Every little bit of this journey is a fascinating mystery, a warm romance and a wonderful family saga – found and not. My standards for Kate Clayborn novels are very high, yet she manages to surpass them here. The Other Side of Disappearing is very highly recommended.

Reviewed by Lisa Fernandes
Grade : A

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : March 24, 2024

Publication Date: 03/2024

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