road trip romance


Aster Glenn Gray’s Honeytrap is a compelling and unique story that charts the development  of the  unlikely relationship between an American FBI agent and a lieutenant in the Red Army (and possible KGB agent) over a period of around thirty-five years.  It’s extremely well-written, and the aut ...

Conventionally Yours

Annabeth Albert is one of the few authors whose books I’ll pick up without needing to know much about them, and I was keen to jump into Conventionally Yours, book one in her new True Colors series.  I enjoyed it and looked forward to picking it up again after I’d had to pause, but I can’t say ...

Lord Holt Takes a Bride

Many readers report deciding within the first thirty or so pages whether or not they will enjoy a book. The more I read, the more I’ve become inclined toward this school of reading, and yet I continually find books that that prove me wrong. Lord Holt Takes a Bride, first in a new series by Vivien ...

Lord Perfect (#26 on our Top 100 Romances List)

An AAR Top 100 Romance originally published on February  26, 2006 I know this is romance sacrilege, but when I read Lord of Scoundrels about ten years ago, I traded it back to the ubs. I don’t remember that I hated it, just that I didn’t particularly want to keep it. This was before I started ...

Road Signs

I first discovered M.J. Fredrick when I read Sunrise Over Texas. With her newest she proves herself a very versatile author as she moves from a serious Western to a contemporary story with a bit of a chick lit flair. The leads in this novella feel like actual modern day people, and this tale of what ...

First Lady

This is the type of story I would be afraid to pick up if it didn't have the name Susan Elizabeth Phillips on the cover, because there aren't many authors out there that could get me to suspend my disbelief long enough to read a romance about the First Lady. For one thing, those of us who were born ...