The Point of It All
Grade : A

Christina C. Jones returns readers to the fictional, idyllic town of Sugar Valley in The Point of It All, the sequel to The Culmination of Everything. It’s a thought-provoking Black romance that engages readers with its endearing lovers, compelling conflict, and memorable dialogue packed with humor and heart. It brilliantly explores the vulnerability of hope and how receiving it into your life can bring wonderful change.

Wealthy divorcée Eva James fulfills her Lifetime Movie of the Week dreams of buying a winery when she purchases Honey Branch Winery and Vineyard. As a wine enthusiast without any formal knowledge of the craft, Eva quickly realizes that returning the neglected estate to its former glory will take more than a little elbow grease. So, she is glad to accept help from fine ass vintner Luke Freeman, grandson of the former Honey Branch owner. Luke is all too eager to honor his family’s legacy by sharing his winemaking knowledge with the beautiful as hell Eva. As the palpable sexual attraction between Eva and Luke leads to deeper feelings, a truth is revealed that threatens their future together.

Note: The author cautions that “themes of grief, illness, and death could be triggering for some readers.” I believe that she delves into these sensitive topics with realism that is neither heavy-handed nor naïve.

As a fan of Christina C. Jones’ work, I am continually enamored with the way she consistently writes fierce, awe-inspiring women who know their own mind. Eva is no exception. A confident, body-positive protagonist, Eva exudes an unapologetic strong, independent woman vibe and keeps a mental fuck it! list. She is such a pleasure to spend time with on the page.

Not only does Jones craft a fabulous heroine, but she creates an extremely desirable hero. Luke works in what I consider to be two of the sexiest occupations. He is a firefighter (yes, there is a naughty firehouse sex scene) and a helicopter pilot who gives guided tours. Not only does Luke soar the skies over Sugar Valley’s Big Sugar Mountain and Sugar Leaf Forest, (which fondly reminded me of the Candyland board game), but he intuitively understands what Eva needs and gives her the attention and care that a woman deserves.

As a couple, Eva and Luke are easy to celebrate, and I found their honest rapport to be highly appealing. They regularly engage in cards-on-the-table conversations that are a refreshing change from the guarded communication portrayed in many romance novels.

From its sassy beginning to its captivating end, Christina C. Jones’s The Point of It All is a page-turner that I heartily recommend. Readers who enjoy sexy romance with a more substantive female narrative should give this novel a read.

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Reviewed by Liz Donatelli

Grade: A

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : July 21, 2020

Publication Date: 02/2020

Review Tags: AoC PoC firefighter grief pilot

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