The Dark Tower

I enjoyed The Dark Tower, although, as is the case with most gothic romances, the emphasis is on the gothic rather than the romance, which, in this case, is pushed so far into the back seat, it’s practically in the boot of the car! Twenty-two year-old Kate Hayden has been teaching at a Yorkshire ...

Wolf at the Door

There is something terribly chilling and titillating about gothic novels, and that's what made me pick up this male/male story. The combination of romance and horror is layered under the generally dark and dank background, and the first person narration pulls the reader deeper into the romance and i ...

Sea of Secrets

I really like gothic romances, but they’re so dependent on the narrator. If the heroine doesn’t work – if I’m not happy when she is, and despair when she does – then the book has basically failed. In that and most other senses, I’m happy to say that Sea of Secrets is a success. But I ...

Inheritance of Shadows

"I laughed until I cried," is perhaps not a phrase that one would expect to find in the review of a gothic romance. However, in the case of Inheritance of Shadows, it was the book's one real saving grace. If I hadn't entertained myself trying to guess sci-fi/fantasy references and giggling over (p ...


Intersections between the present and the past, romance and just a touch of the otherworldly, and, of course, plenty of dark secrets. These are the key ingredients of the sort of books that grabbed my attention all through high school and college, and Legacy has them in spades. I don't know how I ma ...

Tainted by Temptation

As soon as I saw the word "gothic" used to describe this book, I knew I would have to read it. While it does have its good points, including a creepy atmosphere, the book also has its eyerolling moments, as well as a distressing tendency to plod along, making it only a slightly above average read. ...

The Dead Travel Fast

Oh my gosh, I couldn’t put this book down. Incredibly compelling, highly evocative of those glorious days of true Gothic literature, The Dead Travel Fast is a book that is meant to be savored slowly. Very slowly. These days it's not often that I find myself so immersed in a story that I forget eve ...

Her Ladyship's Companion

When I came across a (semi-)affordable copy of Joanna Bourne’s Her Ladyship’s Companion online, I found myself unable to resist. When else do you get a chance to read an early book by an acclaimed new author, published 25 years before her current releases and yet is a sequel to the present seri ...

Nine Coaches Waiting

I have a confession to make: I used to think Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart a prime example of a Guilty Pleasure. Very well written, but verging on melodrama, and thus only to be enjoyed with a touch of embarrassment. Rereading it for the purpose of this review, I realized I couldn’t have be ...

Castle of the Wolf

Castle of the Wolf certainly delivers a refreshingly different setting, but the characters and the story have a regrettably familiar feel. Still, for readers craving a story not set in Regency England, this book might well hit the spot. The plot involves Cissy Fussell, a young woman de ...