Series Romance

Something to Prove

I’m always a bit nervous when reviewing a debut novel. While I want to expect the best, debuts are often a disappointment. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case this time; this debut novel held my interest throughout and left me eagerly looking forward to future books by the author. ...

The Pretend Proposal

I grew up reading series books and I enjoy the shorter length especially when I don’t have a lot of time to read, so I had high hopes for The Pretend Proposal. The timeworn plot and characterization is juxtaposed against the author’s tangible concern for adults unable to read. Ms. Braun has wo ...

Tempted By Her Innocent Kiss

I originally picked up Tempted By Her Innocent Kiss for the simple reason that I don't often read the Desire line, and I was a little curious. I almost put it down after the opening chapter. Thankfully, I gave this book a chance because this story's hero starts off horribly, but has a wonderfully ...

Sex, Lies, and Midnight

This is the second in a series featuring the children of former con man Tobias Black. I didn’t read the first and initially had trouble figuring out what was going on. By the time I figured things out, I didn’t really care. I’m just grateful this was short as it didn’t work for me in any way ...

Marry Me, Marine

Excellent writing and storytelling conflict with my conceptual beliefs about marriage in Marry Me, Marine. Whether your enjoyment is impacted will depend on how you view a marriage "in name only." Do you see the couple as married or is it just a piece of paper? Driving to Wyoming in her grandmoth ...

Sex, Lies and Valentines

Remember the wonderful John Robie from To Catch A Thief? Or the dashing Thomas Crown from The Thomas Crown Affair? Or any one of the men played by Cary Grant in Charade? These characters were all charming, charismatic gentlemen thieves. Somehow they manage to make a heinous crime seem like nothing s ...

Flirting with Italian

This book sounded trite: A recently dumped heroine lands a dream job in Rome and meets a gorgeous Italian Count. Fortunately, trite is the last thing it proved to be. While it started off light and pleasant, by the end I realize just how textured and deep the characters are, and how lovely the story ...

Last Spy Standing

This book is reminiscent of an action movie with lots of danger, many killings, and only a few respites for romance. While I wouldn’t want to read a steady diet of such books, I found myself completely caught up in this story of two spies working at cross-purposes in the jungles of South America. ...

It Happened One Christmas

When I opened my latest package of review books and discovered a Christmas book, I came close to asking if someone else could review it. Clearly, I had made a mistake. I pretty much avoid Christmas romances, and definitely don’t read them after the holidays are over. Thank goodness I gave this a c ...

Return of the Secret Heir

I have a bit of a like-dislike thing going on with this book. On the plus side, I thought the hero and heroine were fully developed and grew over the course of the book. I also found it to be a quick and generally enjoyable read. That being said, some plot points left me shaking my head. This is the ...