Down the Darkest Road

Most of the authors I follow in suspense got their start in romance. Ms. Hoag is one of those ladies, and I think her past experience affects how she writes her mysteries. They almost always have the focus on the female protagonist. They almost always have romance, even if it is not the focus of the ...

Hell to Pay

Ever feel like you were born under a dark star and just can't catch any luck? I doubt your woes would hold a candle to those of the people in this book. The Cavalon and Walsh families had the extreme misfortune to have a run in with the Quinn family two books ago (Live to Tell ). The fallout from th ...


Wow! It's been awhile since I said that about a Sandra Brown suspense novel. She is always a good read for me - just about a guaranteed B or B+, but this one was awesome from page one. I was riveted. Couldn't figure out what would happen next - and couldn't wait to turn the page to find out. I just ...

Breaking Silence

Silence can be golden. It can also be deadly. In Linda Castillo's Kate Burholder series, silence refers to the Amish desire to be apart - which sometimes manifests as not helping the police by giving testimony. But when you are a police chief investigating a horrific crime, you need someone willing ...

These Things Hidden

Some books have the ability to haunt us; to linger in our minds long after we close the cover, to make us think and question in ways we have never done before. They pull us in and don't let us out for a long, long time. They keep us up at night, turning pages in anxiety rather than bliss. This was s ...

Scared to Death

In Wendy Corsi Staub’s latest thriller Scared to Death, a book with nary a spec of romance in it, a knife-happy serial killer is plotting to harm not one but three children. I found the angst-filled plot hard to follow and even harder to enjoy. For starters, Scared to Death is a s ...

Secrets to the Grave

What if your whole life was a secret? A lie meant to protect another lie? And what if those closest to you had lies of their own? Little secrets that they would kill to keep? What tales would you tell to set yourself free? And what secrets would you carry to the grave? Marissa Fordham was somebod ...

Scent of Rain and Lightning

A man cannot free himself from the past any more easily than he can from his own body. Andre Maurois. One of the things that fascinates me about parenthood is that we do not just give our children DNA. Along with all our little genetic quirks, we also pass on those quirks - emotional, habitual - we ...

You Are Next

I’m certainly not unaccustomed to reading books or watching TV shows or movies that have violence; some of my favorites are romantic suspense or crime dramas. But rarely do they upset me quite as much as Katia Lief’s You Are Next did. Before the book started, former Detective ...

Still Missing

Whenever Annie Sullivan sees a poster of herself she can not help thinking that the "Missing" caption is absolutely accurate. Even though she has physically returned from a year of horrific captivity, the woman who left is indeed still missing. In fact, Annie knows she always will be. Primarily t ...