Whatever else has changed in romance, one thing is clear. Books are more explicit than they used to be. Over the years, AAR has given a Burning designation to 361 books. Of those, 15 got Fs, 65 got Ds, 99 got Cs, 151 got Bs, and 31 got As or DIKs.

Our first review of a Burning book, Dara Joy’s Knight of a Trillion Stars, was published in January of 1998. The most recent Burning review is of Breeder by Cara Bristol which we reviewed in July of 2017.Of the DIK Burning reads, nine are from our current decade, 17 are from the 2000s, and five are from the 90s. The overall list of Burning books pulls from many genres and authors–there’s even a Lisa Kleypas on it!

Looking over the 361 books–I got the list by using our PowerSearch feature–I don’t recognize most of the titles. Most of those I do, I doubt we’d rate as burning today. (Has Jill Shalvis ever written a Burning book?) Shannon McKenna? Maybe although the sex in her books is pretty mainstream even as it’s hot.

At the end of the day, a reviewer makes the call. If a book feels Burning to her, we enter it as Burning. What do you think? Here’s a link to all the Burning DIKs at Amazon–look them over and let us know: Would you call these the sexiest or hottest books reviewed by AAR? Do Burning books work for you or are they just too much?


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