200px-Colorful_spring_gardenI’m furloughed today and I’m actually okay with it.  It couldn’t be a better day (high 71, sunny, flowers beginning to bloom, etc.) and sometimes you just simply need a day to unwind.  I don’t have anything fun planned, but I do intend to play “catch-up”. 

The last two weeks have been absolutely wild.  Between countless baseball practices, grading deadlines and report cards, what seems like endless doctor’s appointments, and attempting to teach an intern as well as 120 high school students, I’m bordering on giddy about my non-paid leave. 

My plans are to vacuum, do an enormous pile of laundry, sit in the sun for a while, and hopefully read a little.  My husband took my car to the shop, so I can’t run any errands – yeah!    Also, I plan to talk very little as that seems to be what I do all day, everyday.  I want a vacation from talking. 

I know I’m not the only one who just needs a day to herself.  What do you do when you get a little time to yourself?  Is there a time of the year when you are busier than usual and need a break?

AAR Heather

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