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Calling All Mobilians

In less than two months, I’m becoming a Southerner.  After 18 years in New Jersey and 4 in Washington, D.C., I’m moving to Mobile, AL.  Now, I’ve never really been down South before.  My grandparents used to rent winter homes in secluded developed communities in South Carolina or Florida, and I visited them there, but day trips to Savannah or Charleston don’t really count as truly visiting the South.

I’ve known about the move for several months now.  I’m doing a year-long service program called the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, and I haven’t received much new information from them in a while.  Right now, I’m feeling overwhelmingly curious about the city, its people, and its environment.  I’ve heard a lot of things about life in the South, not all of them I really believe (will they really not understand my Standard American accent?  Will my walking pace be a sprint to them?  Do I have to start watching NASCAR to fit in?) So, any of you from Alabama, or any other southern states? The Gulf Coast? What do you think? Do you have any advice?

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