psychicI’m a hard-headed realist who tends to strongly doubt the supernatural. Psychic mediums, ghosts, alien abductions, are all beyond belief. But…there have been occasions that have caused cracks in my idea of reality. In the past I’ve had an extremely scary seance with a Ouija Board that still scares the pants off me when I think about it. I had a puppy that was throwing herself at the front door in the middle of the night trying to get out, and when I opened the door she slipped past me and chased a thing off my front porch that was thigh height and made a noise like nothing I’ve ever heard – and it ran on two legs. A long time passed and then I was walking that same dog in the early morning hours when a silent craft flew over, just a few stories above my head, which I later saw on TV as a child’s drawing of an alien ship in another country.

These and other incidents have always made me wonder, and recently I added a new experience to that list.

It was a Saturday morning and I was enjoying a rare sleep-in. My husband was working at his job which requires him to visit clients in their home, and my kids were occupied on their computers or whatever. I almost never remember my dreams, but this morning I had one that was very vivid. I was standing in a strange kitchen talking to a woman, and a huge dog entered the room. It walked right up to me and leaned against the front of my legs. I petted it and said things like “This is the biggest Great Dane I’ve ever seen” and “What a cool dog!” I jolted out of sleep and could still feel its warmth on my lower body and I could recall the feel of its soft black fur on my fingers. After I checked the time (10:28 am) I got out of bed and went to tell my children about my dream.

Later, when my husband came home from work, he said “I saw the coolest dog today!” And I said “Wait! Was it a big black Great Dane and you petted it in a kitchen around 10:30?” And he said “Yes. How did you know?”

So what do you think? Strange coincidence or evidence of a psychic connection between me and my husband? Have you had strange occurrences of your own?

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