I despise dealing with car repair, don’t you? I’m not completely ignorant about how they work, but I’m certainly not interested in fixing them myself, which means depending on a service technician. The problem there is finding one that you can trust. I’ve been burned so many times!

The most recent experience with car repair is a good example. My brakes were squealing. It was embarrassing, and to me, squeaky brakes = badly maintained car. I took it to my trusted service guy who advised that there wasn’t a single thing wrong with my brakes except that the composition of the lifetime pads I’d had installed previously tended to squeal. I lived with it for a couple of months, cringing every time I had to stop. Then one day the brake light came on and stayed on.

I took my car back to my guy, but found that he had moved away due to family issues. Oh no! So I decided to try the man that took his place. I was advised that the brakes pads needed to be changed forever ago and that I had a sensor in my master cylinder that needed replacing. Hundreds of dollars and one day later I took the car back because the brakes were making a terrible noise. Got that fixed. Then they started grinding and squealing. Took it back and got that fixed. Then they started squealing and slipping, which made the car jump forward several feet when stopped. Took it back and was told we needed a new master cylinder. This time I took the car back to my husband and told him to deal with it because I was DONE. He went and raised Cain until the shop agreed to replace the master cylinder because the technician obviously broke it when he replaced the sensor. Now the brakes are quiet, but they’ve started slipping again. I had my husband look at the car, and he found that the “new” master cylinder is the same one that was on the car all along.

What to do now? Go back to this obviously unscrupulous/incompetent shop and insist on yet more repair? Or start over with someone else and spend hundreds of dollars again? What would you do?

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