At one of the places I work, all of the ladies are great cooks. Often when I go into work, there will be muffins or banana bread or lemon cake or brownies waiting on the counter in the back. And they are, invariably delicious. As I’m leaving for London soon, my last day at the shop is approaching– and so I decided that this weekend, I’ll make my own contribution to the snacks.

As I’ve had a craving for carrot cake recently, I think I’ll make carrot cake cupcakes. I’ve never actually made carrot cake before, though my mom makes a really good one that my brother and I request for our birthdays. I’ve been searching online for a good recipe, but haven’t found one that seems quite right yet. I’ll probably combine a few recipes and make my own, but first I thought I’d ask the braintrust that is AAR’s readers. DO any of you have any helpful hints? Any particular recipes or tips?

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