A few weeks ago (or maybe more) I saw a 15-second clip of this ad embedded in the NYT.  It intrigued me, because the production value looked exceptionally high – and for what?  Jewelry, apparently.  So I watched the whole thing – all 3 minutes and 30 seconds of it.

Now, I am by no means an advertisement expert, amateur or otherwise.  But even I can tell that this ad is a little out of the ordinary.  Quite frankly, it looks like a miniature movie, and the special effects, soundtrack, and, yes, it even has a kind of a plot, have a lushness and vitality (and length) that most ads I see don’t have.

But then I started thinking: All this money, and talent and for what?  To celebrate the 175th anniversary of a jewelry company.  Really?  Isn’t it incredibly pointless?

But then, I changed my mind again.  The question that popped into my mind wasn’t “what for”, but “why not”.  The ad actually presents a snapshot of Cartier’s history, and why not do it in odyssey fashion with a leopard and global sets?  Why not use talents where we can?  And it looks so fabulous.

Still have mixed feelings, but in the end, I’ve decided I like it.  What’s your take?

– Jean AAR