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Golubac Fortress, Serbia


Golubac Fortress, located on the banks of the Danube River in northeastern Serbia, has a rich and varied history. The exact date of construction of Golubac Fortress isn’t known, but experts state its origins are from the 14th century, though it was the site of a Roman settlement called Columbaria.

Because of its defensive position on the Danube River, Golubac Fortress has been held (sometimes more than once) by various factions through the centuries: the Hungarians, the Serbians, the Ottoman Empire, the Turks, and the Habsburg Monarchy. Even insects ruled tyrannically at times. In the late 1800s to the early 1900s mosquitoes were quite dangerous to the local livestock, sometimes decimating cattle herds.

The fortress consists of ten towers, five of which were added over the centuries. Some towers are square and some circular; one contains a chapel, and another a dungeon. The fortress buildings follow the terrain and though it was built for defense, its setting is quite picturesque.

The fortress can be visited as a stop on Danube River cruises. It is also accessible from the town of Golubac, about two and a half miles away.

Lee Brewer is our castle expert and generously prepares this feature for AAR.


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