Dangerous Fantasies: A Guest Post by Jill Sorenson

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Hello All About Romance! Thanks so much for having me. This is a discussion post from the Motorcycle Club Heroes class I taught at RWA University in February.

Trigger warning for disturbing subjects, including rape and abuse.

Motorcycle club heroes are known for being extreme alphas. They might be the most aggressive heroes in the romance genre. “Dark romance” heroes seem to be increasing in popularity also. Dark romance is a subgenre that features dark themes like rape, captivity and abuse. The “heroes” in dark romance are twisted individuals who do terrible things. I use quotation marks because in my world, romance heroes don’t rape, kill or abuse women. They can kill men, but not women or children. That’s my rule, anyway. The romance genre is defined by happy endings, and I just can’t buy into a happy ending for an abusive relationship. My mother always said, “If he hits you […]