I’ve never seen a celebrity before. I’ve been to performances, concerts, etc. (I am still proud of the fact that I was in the same room as J.K. Rowling… in the very back row of Radio City Music Hall while she was on stage) But actually seeing someone famous “in the wild,” so to speak, was a new experience for me. So when a street vendor told my friends and me that Taylor Swift, the multi-platinum and multi-award winning country singer, was in the store next to us, we were understandably excited.

It’s funny how famous people don’t seem real– at least until you’re in a shop with them, listening to their conversation with their friends as they try to decide what to buy. To my delight, she was as beautiful and kind in person as she seems in the media. I didn’t approach her–my friends and I didn’t want to be “that person” that assaults celebrities and gushes over them–but it was still thrilling to be within several feet of the person who, if early predictions are true, is the only artist to outsell Michael Jackson this year. And let me tell you– I don’t think I ever really appreciated the overwhelming nature of the paparazzi until I was stuck in a store with an A-list celebrity, and a crowd of several hundred people were surrounding the door, cameras flashing and faces pressed up against the glass.

Have you ever seen a celebrity before? Who, where, and what happened?

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