Stephen-Lang-Terra-Nova-image-2About once a year I find myself the victim of a character crush. In the past I’ve fallen for such notables as Spock from Star Trek and Luke from Star Wars. When it happens, it comes on me suddenly and it normally requires a perfect set of ingredients.  My personal recipe is:

  • Must not be played by someone too famous. Yes, others will have discovered and loved them but they aren’t Brad Pitt or George Clooney status stars.
  • Must be in project I like.  I can’t just fall for a picture. Book cover models don’t do it for me. You have to be involved in something I enjoy, if not love.
  • Must have character traits I admire. I can like a good villain and I can love a good supporting character. But I have to find something I appreciate or I don’t get the crush.

This year my character crush is Commander Taylor on Terra Nova.  Of the many new shows I’ve been watching this season, Terra Nova is not my favorite. But Commander Taylor, played by the talented Stephen Lang, is. I love that he is a take-charge, paternalistic figure for the struggling human colony. I like that he is kind of a loner. I love the conflict that having that much responsibility creates within his character. And I really like that so far they have kept him on the righteous line of tyrant.  I was grateful for the fact that when Jim Shannon went against direct orders to right a wrong, Commander Taylor was man enough to accept that the wrong needed righting.

It doesn’t hurt of course that Stephen Lang is the very definition of the term silver fox. I wish I could transfer my love for Taylor unto other Lang characters but despite his good looks that isn’t going to happen. I couldn’t stand Colonel Miles Quaritch on Avatar and while Gettysburg is an excellent film, Gen. Pickett is far from a favorite character in it (I’m a rabid Union sympathizer). Of course, there is hope for the future. Mr. Lang is slotted to play President Lincoln in an upcoming series.  Since I absolutely adore Abe, I’m bound to love him in that.

What about you? Do you ever find yourself having a crush on a TV or movie character? If so, who? Do you watch Terra Nova? And if you do, do you agree with my assessment of Taylor’s character or do you think I am way off base?

– Maggie AAR

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