051It is customary in Germany to leave the Christmas tree standing and everying decorated until Epiphany, which was yesterday. So this weekend is the time to put all the Christmas leftovers away.

I have already put the presents where they now belong, with the excection of three largish picture frames for photos of my nieces. I need to find some space on the wall for them.

The Christmas decorations, on the tree and otherwise, will be put into their boxes tomorrow. The tree itself will be collected by volunteers from the parish next Saturday.

There is one more thank-you note that I must write, but as this one needs to be a long letter, I have procrastinated so far.

What remains is the leftover Christmas baking. I love baking and do so right until Christmas, with the result that there is a lot left over now. The problem is, by early January I’m through with sweets (for a month or so). I offered the cookies left and right, but my friends have the same problem. So I am resolved to take a large tin to work. Everyone there complains about being overstuffed, too, but somehow those cookies still disappear …

What are your after-Christmas preparations?

– Rike Horstmann

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